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Signature Speaking Topics

  • Own Your Brilliance! 

  • How to Discover and Monetize Your Expertise

  • Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur

  • Cultivating an Entrpreneurial Mindset

  • Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice in Entrepreneurship

  • Fulfilling Your Purpose as an Entrepreneur

Corporate Training

  • Developing Intrapreneurs Who Drive Business

  • Leadership Development For Women

Rave Reviews

“I had the opportunity to facilitate an interview with US entrepreneur and Member of Forbes Coaches Council Ms Tamiko Cuellar, she is simply a phenomenal woman and honoured to have an opportunity to engage with such a profound woman. Thanks to the US Embassy and Namibia Business School for this wonderful opportunity…. the time is now for us to birth that entrepreneurial spirit and make use of every skill or talent in meaningful ways.”

- Joanette Eises - TV Presenter, Good Morning Namibia (Africa)

“The feedback which I received was very good, some of the alumni attended the event with their male friends which was interesting for me as I thought it would be a drop off, but then they stayed. The attendees shared that the masterclass added a new perspective to females in business. it was very practical and the engagement was very enlightening. Receiving worksheets before the event heightened the experience and brought about a better understanding of been an Entrepreneur. I learned how establishing a good network can bring in new customers and assist in growing my business. I am willing to take the leap and start up my own business. Tamiko shared her own experiences with us and many people could relate. We had 2 masterclasses at the Centre which I listened in on before Tamiko but they were no match.”

- Peter Folkard, YALI RLC SA (University of South Africa, Johannesburg)

“Thank you for an amazing talk Wednesday.  I was pleasantly surprised by Tamiko.  Her talk was informative and brilliant although she was humble, which made the impact even larger.  I loved the questions raised by the audience – it covered a wide range of real problems and challenges Namibian women struggles with.  Tamiko’s answers didn’t let us down as she answered honestly and out of her own experience, which is so much more valuable than book knowledge.  She used the opportunity to build up and challenge ladies to creativity rather than blaming processes, people or the lack of resources.  I also loved the way how she acknowledged the men in the audience, realising that breaking down any person or thing, is not the answer. Thank you for a fantastic evening. We’d definitely would love to attend anything similar you might present.”

- Marsia Reed - Chief Executive Officer, Lithon Foundation (Namibia, Africa)

Your timing was good, your energy was awesome and you showed your heart. The audience felt that you gave them so much and you handled everything with ease. The people felt honored to be there.
— Dr. E. Lance McCarthy - A former Economic Policy Advisor to the White House
Thank you for speaking at the Silver Entrepreneur Workshop last Saturday. The audience was very interested and you presented a great perspective. If my office can ever be of assistance to you please don’t hesitate to call.
— Gregg Daly - Revenue Collector, St. Louis City
We at Justine PETERSEN have really appreciated working with Tamiko Cuellar. She provided two tailored, relatable and actionable sessions to the class of returning citizen entrepreneurs we’re assisting. She’s a master facilitator and kept the entire group engaged and hungry for more.
— Tamra Thetford - Chief Program Officer, Justine PETERSEN
“Ms. Tamiko Cuellar has made several presentations to our Better Family Life Entrepreneur Classes. The most popular among our students is “How to Start a Business on a Roman Noodle Budget”. Ms. Cuellar’s presentations are both interesting and informative. The students learn creative and innovative approaches for launching their business ideas. We are pleased to work with her and plan to continue to involve her in our efforts”.
— Eddie G. Davis - President and Executive Director, Center for the Acceleration of African American Business
I really appreciate you serving as our Keynote Speaker on Saturday! The day was just awesome and you were a great part of that. Your words and sincerity were most appreciated, and your presence welcomed. Thank you, thank you. Until the next time.
— Alyce Wilson - Director, Grace Hill Women's Business Center

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