A Fish Out of Water

A fish out of water for too long will result in a dead fish!  Have you ever felt out of place?  I certainly have!  It’s almost like you’re gasping for air, trying to thrive in an environment that you were never meant to succeed, prosper, increase, or flourish.  Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t recognize the signs of being in the wrong environment until they are on a metaphorical life support and have no other choice but to make a decision to change course.

It’s not intended, nor possible, for you to thrive in the wrong environment.  Wrong romantic relationships, wrong workplaces, wrong churches, wrong cities, and wrong friendships can cause you to die a slow death, leaving you with a fraction of who you are supposed to be.  At best, you will be in survival mode in the wrong environment.  It can have a very stifling effect on your life such as a loss of joy, a loss of zest for life, a loss of creativity, and more. 

You might feel like you never fit in, or that you aren’t appreciated for your uniqueness.  In my case, I recognized that I was in the wrong circles.  I recognized that some people just couldn’t recognize my value while others did, but lacked the capacity to know how to handle or treat me.  Rather than waste time and effort trying to convince people to value me properly, I did what any person with self-respect would do – I politely made my exit. 

There is a place for you!  I’m a living witness that there is a circle of friends for you.  There are people waiting for you to share their gifts, talents and time with them and they won’t squander what you give them.  There is a void somewhere that only you can fill.  It is in this place where there is not only need of you, but an appreciation for you.  Like fish who swims effortlessly in its home in a body of water, you too will find a place to flow.  Start seeking to change environments.  Your next level of blessings await you!